What To Expect….

You’ll find that your entire experience here with us will be informative, enriching, and fun. You’ll feel like you’re part of a family, one that is dedicated to your personal and individual needs. We believe that each one of our patients deserves that dedication and commitment. Your initial complimentary consultation in our office will be informative and rewarding. Our treatment coordinator will welcome you and take you on a thorough tour of our office. You will get to know the members of our team as well as get a feel for your new surroundings.

You are making an important decision and we feel it should be a well informed choice. Dr. Niles will review your medical and dental history and complete a comprehensive exam. If treatment is indicated, Dr. Niles will recommend necessary models, imaging, and radiographs to complete your diagnostic records. For your convenience, we always reserve time to schedule your future appointments in the event Dr. Niles recommends treatment.

At this initial appointment, all aspects of your care will be discussed including these most commonly asked concerns:

  • Is orthodontic care appropriate for me?
  • How long will it take?
  • What will our costs be?
  • Will there be much discomfort?
  • What type of orthodontic appliances are best for me?
  • What do braces and appliances look like and how do they feel?
  • Can I still do what I’ve normally done, like play musical instruments, sports, etc.?

Please feel free to express all of your concerns and ask questions during this time. Again, your understanding and personal comfort is of utmost importance to us.