Each time you have a regular appointment, you have an opportunity to earn wooden nickels. You can save your wooden nickels and redeem them for all kinds of prizes like Webkins, Hot Wheels cars, Lava Lamps, Legos, and a large variety of amazing gift certificates such as i-Tunes, Regal Cinemas, and even a $100 Visa gift card! You earn Wooden Nickels by keeping your appointments here and with your general dentist, arriving on time, and taking great care of your teeth and braces. We want to reward you for a job well done!

  • Sharks lose teeth each week. They get new teeth when they lose the old ones. Scientists think they may have over 20,000 teeth in a lifetime!
  • The elephant tusk is the longest tooth in the world.
  • The giraffe has 32 teeth, just like humans.
  • Dolphins have more teeth than any other animal. Some dolphins have over 200 teeth! Scientists can tell the age of a dolphin by the rings on its teeth.

If you’re careful, you can eat almost any food and not cause damage to your appliance. But there are a few kinds of foods to avoid: HARD FOODS, Sticky Foods, Foods High in Sugar, GUM. These easy healthy snack ideas are just a few good choices for healthy eating habits and orthodontics: cheese sticks, yogurt, graham crackers, and applesauce.

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The super space team on the USS SugarSwatter is making it their mission to fight the sugars that can cause poor dental health, and your child can be a part of the crew! Download the brushing chart and activity sheets below to teach them how to keep their smiles sparkling like the stars.